I grew up in Nigeria and have been a church girl all my life.

Today I see a lot of commonality between my country and the Church.

One; corruption is rife on both sides.

Two; just as the decadence in the country elicits different reactions in her citizens, whereby some leave and others stay back, so also it is with the Church.

Many have left the Church but have kept their faith still. Some have left the Church and the Christian faith altogether. Some remain in the Church but choose to go with the flow because it is all they have ever known and leaving just seems out of the question. Many others in the Church do not even see that there is anything amiss.

In the past few years, I experienced a reawakening that prompted me to begin a long journey of re-examining my theology. All of it. I had to confront the things that I had always believed as regards my faith, and this I did, both as a lay Christian and as a Bible study teacher.

It was a journey into a deep place.

The journey was tedious, but also very rewarding. Amongst many other things, I came away from it with the realization—a sad and humbling one—that there has been a massive, massive mix up of untruths with truths in traditional church doctrine. I refer to them as  ‘untruths’, and not ‘lies’, because for the most part the transmissions of these errors have been done in sincerity and not out of vicious motives.

Through my writings here, I hope to take many others to that deep place that I have been, (and still am). That place where we enquire and search for truth employing all the available resources possible. That place where we put aside sentiments and traditions and we exalt the objective truth alone. That place where we may be afraid of what we will find through our search because it might not be what we have always known or want to know, but we make up our minds, anyway, that whatever we find as truth is what we will embrace. We decide to not choose tradition over truth, but rather to unlearn and relearn.

Through this blog, I hope to clarify and correct misconstrued details in Christian doctrine. And there are many.

I hope to ask openly those questions that many Christians ask only in the secrecy of their hearts.

Questions about why God, the Bible, seems to be terribly unfair and disadvantageous towards women. Questions about why I should even believe the Bible at all, given the fact that the book did not drop out heaven, but was written and compiled by human beings like me. All of them male.

Questions about why Christians, who boast of having a Father-God who is the greatest, most glorious King, still, for the most part, live mediocre lives here on earth; why Christians own next to nothing in the secular world, and almost all (if not all) the industries that matter in the world are owned by non-religious people.

Questions about what then the essence of my faith is if people who do not believe seem to accomplish more and are doing those good deeds that Christians supposedly should spearhead.

I hope to share here how in my own walk with God I did—and still do—what Christians are often encouraged not to do—ask questions—and I am still here. God did not kill me. On the other hand, it was when I began to ask the difficult  that I began to get answers. Intriguing answers.

Isa 63:13  (God) That led them through the deep, as an horse in the wilderness, that they should not stumble?